Transfer Pricing Diagnosis

Providing advisory by verification of existing and identification of new transactions in relation to cross border activities required for reporting between associated enterprises and specified domestic transactions

Estimated Time

1-6 weeks

Price Range

INR 12,000-20,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Review of Financial Statements, Related Party Schedule and other schedules. 2. Review of Transfer Pricing Policy, if any. 3. Understanding the transaction (s) - basis of pricing, nature of service. 4. Dissecting the functions performed, risks undertaken, asset employed by both the parties to the transaction. 5. Funding mechanism to the transaction. 6. Analysis of any similar transaction in the past or in the same group globally. 7. Interview and discussions with different level of management of the entity and the group.

Documents Required

1. Audited and unaudited financial statements with related party schedules 2. Organisation structure and relationship matrix 3. Key suppliers/ service providers 4. Nature of business 5. Past litigation history in transfer pricing in the entity and also in the group 6. Transfer pricing policy or other similar document, by whatever name called 7. Tax residency certificate of the foreign entity 8. Any reporting made under transfer pricing laws for the transaction 9. Function, asset and risk analysis of the transactions 10. Discussions with different level of management of the entity and the group