Structuring of investments and acquisitions by REIT/ InvITs

Providing advisory on investment strategies by way of setting up of or investing into REIT/ InvITs and explaining various pros and cons of the options available

Estimated Time

1-4 weeks

Price Range

INR 18,000-30,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Evaluating modes of investment by REIT/ Investment Trusts and repatriation modes along with their tax and regulatory implications. 2. Understanding the objective and volume of investment activity and suggesting different options. 3. Analysing the tax and regulatory implications and also the compliance requirements. 4. Transfer pricing analysis. 5. Impact on tax liability under normal and MAT provisions.

Documents Required

1.) Financial statements and tax returns 2. Tax status 3. Investment volume 4. Tax residency certificate of recipient 5. Transfer pricing policy, if any 6. Organogram