Share Transfer

The securities of a public company are freely transferable, subject to the provisions that any contract or arrangement between two or more persons in respect of transfer of securities shall be enforceable as contract. Irrespective of the nature of company, the procedure for transfer of shares is the same for both parties involved.

Estimated Time

1-14 days

Price Range

INR 2,400-4,000

Scope of Work

1. Preparation of draft notice, resolutions of Board for approving the Share Transfer or draft circular resolution for approving share transfer. 2. Execution of Share Transfer Deed. 3. Endorsements in the share certificate thereof. 4. Updation of Statutory Register.

Documents Required

1. Original Share Certificates. 2. Duly filled and executed Share Transfer Deed - SH 7. 3. Share Transfer Stamps or E-Stamp Certificate for the stamp duty value as applicable in respective states.