Setting up of unit in SEZ/ export zones/ tax incentive zones

Providing tax advisory in relation to setting up of a unit in SEZ (Special Economic Zones)/ export zones/ tax incentive zones from a tax and regulatory law perspective.

Estimated Time

1-6 weeks

Price Range

INR 60,000-100,000

Scope of Work

Understanding the business plan and expansion plans, evaluate the Net Foreign Earning projections, indirect and direct tax benefits relevant to the special economic zone/ export zones/ tax incentive zones, advise on setting up and maintenance of books, advise on reporting requirements, preparing reports and proposals for approvals before several government authorities, attending meetings with client person, guiding client for meetings and obtaining approvals from the relevant government authorities.

Documents Required

1. Business plan 2. Hiring plan 3. Financial projections 4. Net Foreign Earning projections 5. Organisation structure and hierarchy 6. Investment and expansion strategy 7. Investment mechanics and amounts 8. Long term objective of doing business in India 9. Repatriation strategy 10. Exit strategy