Sell-side advisory

Sell-side advisory engagements involve all activities in sale of a business or unit - from screening offers or expressions of interest to assiting in preparing material for diligence to transaction structuring. Each engagement is tailored to specific needs of the client.

Estimated Time

2 - 24 weeks

Price Range

INR 12,000-20,000/man day

Scope of Work

Overall: 1. Co-ordinate with the Acquirer and its advisors for various information that may be required 2. Analyse the value offered by the Acquirer; defining a proper valuation structure 3. Advise the client on the boundary conditions to be listed in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) or Letter of Intent (LoI) 4. Facilitating the exchange of information as agreed upon between the client and the acquirer that will let both the parties have a reasonable understanding of the parameters as mentioned in bullet 1 and 2 above 5.Assist the client in general process management of the entire transaction Structuring: 1. Develop a structure to implement the Proposed Transaction and assist the client in determining a preferred structure for the proposed transaction 2. Advise in defining, developing and documenting parameters of the proposed transaction 3. To arrive at an appropriate Deal structure, Cash flows shall be analyzed, both on an independent and consolidated basis Regulatory: 1. Advise the client on the impact of regulatory issues such as FEMA, FDI guidelines, etc. 2. Advise the client on the treatment of earnouts etc. from the acquirer and on other compliance related matters Complete: 1. Assist in reviewing documentation for the Proposed Transaction governing the relationship between the client and Acquirer 2. Prepare a timetable for the due process to complete the Proposed Transaction and seek to ensure that other participants meet the deadlines implicit in the timetable 3. Supervise and co-ordinate, as necessary, meetings with counsel and other professional advisors throughout the Proposed Transaction

Documents Required

1. Pitch Deck 2. Core Team Profile 3. Business Strategies 4. Details about Competitive Landscape 5. Organisational Structure 6. Current Operational Metrics 7. Last 3-5 Years Financials 8. Financial Projections for next 5 Fiscal Years