Revival of Struck-off/Inactive Company

Registrar of Companies empowered by Section 248 of Companies Act, 2013 has the power to strike off Non-Compliant Companies. Companies may be struck off due to a. Failure to commence business within 1 year from its incorporation b. Company not engaged in any Business Activity for a period of two immediately preceding Financial years c. Have not made application within this period for obtaining status of a Dormant Company under Section 455 of the Companies Act d. Other reasons Section 252 (1) & Section 252 (3) of the Companies Act, 2013 provides remedy for the restoration of the struck off Company

Estimated Time

30-90 days

Price Range

INR 3,000-4,200/man day

Scope of Work

Restoration of Company struck off by the Registrar of Companies

Documents Required

Application in Form NCLT-9 needs to be made along with following attachments 1. Affidavit verifying the Petition in Form NCLT – 6 2. MoA & AoA of the Company 3. List of Directors of the Company 4. Certified True Copy of the Order from Registrar of Strike off 5. Latest available Signed Balance Sheets of the Company 6. Certified True Copy of Board Resolution passed by the Company for making petition to NCLT for Registration 7. Memorandum of Appearance in Form NCLT – 12 8. Demand Draft verifying payment of application fees 9. Any other documents that might be required on case to case basis.