Registration of a Foreign Company in India

Any Foreign company which is a company or body corporate incorporated outside India, which a. Has a place of business in India whether by itself or through an agent, physically or through electronic mode; and b. Conducts any business activity in India in any other manner, shall, within thirty days of the establishment of its place of business in India, apply to the Registrar for registration. A foreign company or individual planning to set up business operations in India can do so through a Liaison Office / Representative Office, Project Office or a Branch Office. The FEMA (Establishment in India of Branch or Office or other place of business) Regulations, 2000 govern the opening and operation of such offices.

Estimated Time


Price Range

INR 6,000-10,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Preparation of Form FNC. Obtain details relating to: a. Full name and address of the applicant. b. Description of the activities of the applicant. c. Value of exports and imports. d. Details of bankers of the applicant. 2. Filing the Form FNC with AD Category - I bank designated by the applicant for onward transmission to the Chief General Manager in -Charge, Reserve Bank, Foreign Exchange Department. 3. Preparation of Form FC-1. Obtain details relating to: a. Full address of registered or principal office of foreign company, date of establishment of principal place of business in India. b. Details of other places of business in India (if any). c. Particulars of place(s) of business in India established on any earlier occasion(s) other than above (if any). d. Details of the places of business established at any earlier occasion(s). e. Particulars of the authorized representatives. f. Interest of authorized person(s) in other entities. g. Particulars of subsidiary, holding or associate companies of the foreign company in India. h. Particulars of related party of the foreign company. 4. Certification and Filing of form.

Documents Required

1. For obtaining permission from RBI to setup a branch/liaison office in India: a. Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation / Registration attested by the Notary Public in the country of registration. [If the original Certificate is in a language other than in English, the same may be translated into English and notarized as above and cross verified/attested by the Indian Embassy/ Consulate in the home country]. b. Latest Audited Balance sheet of the applicant company. [If the applicants’ home country laws/regulations do not insist on auditing of accounts, an Account Statement certified by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) or any Registered Accounts Practitioner by any name, clearly showing the net worth may be submitted]. c. Bankers' Report from the applicant’s banker in the host country / country of registration showing the number of years the applicant has had banking relations with that bank. 2. Registration of the Foreign Company with ROC: a. Certified copy of the charter, statutes, or memorandum and articles of the company or other instrument constituting or defining the constitution of the company (Mandatory). b. List of directors and secretary of the foreign company (Mandatory). c. Power of attorney or board resolution in favor of the authorized representative(s) (Mandatory). d. Reserve bank of India approval letter (It is mandatory to attach attested copy of such approval). e. Copy of permission letter of other Authority(s)/Regulator(s), if any is required to be attached.