Raising Capital through a Convertible Note/Instrument

While different modes of financing are available to growing businesses, it is important to identify the ideal capital structure which at most times is influenced by a number of factors - strength of the cash flows, cyclicality of the sector, nature of assets etc. Such engagements include advising the clients on the optimal capital structure and help in raising the requisite funding through various structured instruments. These could take the shape of project finance, debenture placements, private treaties, apart from syndication of short term/long term debt from banks/financial institutions.

Estimated Time

4 - 24 weeks

Price Range

INR 12,000-20,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Assistance in strategy finalization, preparation and validation of Business Plan with specific reference to: a. Business model and offering b. Financial plan c. Projected Cash Flows d. Projected Balance Sheet e. Projected Profit and Loss account; and f. Projected key financial parameters 2. Assistance in arriving at indicative dilution % (for benchmarking and internal discussion purpose) 3. Assistance in the Preparation of “Confidential Information Memorandum” 4. Shortlisting and Targeting prospective investors 5. Deal initiation/Expression of initial interest 6. Indicative Offer(s)/Proposal appraisal 7. Management presentation 8. Signing of Term Sheet/In-principle Sanction Letter 9. Financial/accounting and tax due diligence 10. Completion/Finalization of the transaction.

Documents Required

1. Pitch Deck 2. Core Team Profile 3. Business Strategies 4. Details about Competitive Landscape 5. Organisational Structure 6. Current Operational Metrics 7. Last 3-5 Years Financials 8. Financial Projections for next 5 Fiscal Years 9. Proposed Usage of Funds.