Obtaining Lower or Nil Tax Deduction Certificate

Applying for lower or nil Tax deduction (TDS) certificate from income tax officer based on estimated income and tax liability accompanied by other historical financial info and supportings

Estimated Time

3-30 days

Price Range

INR 48,000-80,000

Scope of Work

1. Review of the financial data. 2. Preparation of the application. 3. Review of any open tax position concerning the assets. 4. Filing of the application with the jurisdictional assessing officer, attending hearings and representing before the assessing officer and other tax officers, as required. 5. Liaising with the tax office and clarifying queries, if any, submission of additional documents and information as may be called upon. 6. Briefing the client on the progress of the approval.

Documents Required

1. Financial projections 2. Details of any tax disputes 3. Litigation history 4. Form 26AS 5. Last year tax books/ computation and tax return 6. Last year 197 application if any