Information Technology Audit (IT General controls)

IT general controls (ITGC) are controls that apply to all systems components, processes, and data for a given organization or information technology (IT) environment. It involves a general review of the critical IT especially in relation to access controls, physical controls and logical controls.

Estimated Time

2-6 weeks

Price Range

INR 5,400-9,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. To understand the existing IT infrastructure set up of the entity. 2. Review the existing IT policy of the entity. 3. Review the existing controls in place regarding physical security, access controls, backups taken etc. 4. Review the various master databases like employee master etc. maintained by the entity 5. Identify gaps/observations, if any from the above procedures and discuss with the management. Also suitable recommendations in concurrence with the management will be developed to address such gaps.

Documents Required

1. IT policy of the entity 2. Q&A sessions with the IT head of the entity 3. Based on the above two a detailed information requirement list will be shared to carry out the rest of the procedures. This requirement will be custom made based on the type of organisation and IT setup in place.