Increase in paid-up share capital - By Rights Issue

Where at any time a company proposes to increase the subscribed capital by the issue of further shares, such shares may be offered to persons who, at the date of the offer, are holders of equity shares of the company in proportion, as nearly as circumstances admit, to the paid-up share capital on those shares by sending a letter of offer.

Estimated Time

3-45 days

Price Range

INR 9,000-15,000

Scope of Work

1. Preparation of draft notice, resolutions of Board for approving the proposed Rights issue. 2. Preparation of notice and resolutions for General Meetings, Altered MOA & AOA (if required). 3. Preparation, certification and filing of Form MGT 14 for the special resolution passed (if passed, as this is not required in case of private companies). 4. Preparation, certification and filing of Form SH 7 (if required). 5. Drafting of Letter of offer for circulation to members. 6. Preparation of draft notice and resolution of the Board for Allotment of Shares. 7. Preparation, Certification and filing of Return of Allotment -Form PAS 2. 8. Preparation of Share Certificates. 9. Updation of Statutory Registers.

Documents Required

1. Last Audited Balance Sheet. 2. MOA and AOA of the Company. 3. Certified copy of the Board Resolution. 4. Certified copy of the Ordinary/ Special Resolution passed for increase in Authorised Capital. 5. Letter of offer.