GST training

Imparting Training on GST - overall and specific to client

Estimated Time

1-10 days

Price Range

INR 18,000-30,000

Scope of Work

1. Understanding of the client business and value chain. 2. Discussion with several departmental heads. 3. Review of underlying documentation to verify the nature of business as understood above. 4. Identifying the target audience and the client objectives for training. 5. Preparing customised decks/ materials for client specific issues. 6. Understanding the client accounting software and input and output formats and methodology. 7. Research on client related issues and GST implications on the same. 8. Reading and analysing GST law and interpretation of the same in order to prepare the training material. 9. Q&A and FAQ sessions for doubt clearance

Documents Required

1. Financials and Trial Balance 2. VAT and service tax accounts, Excise register 3. Write up on business process, value chain, functional analysis, roles and responsibility matrix, revenue and pricing model 4. A summary of past, existing and potential issues faced by the client 5. Objective and target audience for training 6. Copy of underlying agreement and relevant supporting documents 7. Open dispute or closed litigation impacting the current period returns 8. Copy of any opinion/ memo obtained relevant to the current year return