GST Registration

GST Registration is mandatory for any person or business supplying goods and services. When the aggregate value of supply is more than 20 lakhs then it becomes necessary for the person or entity to do GST Registration. When the entity is operating under special state category it is important to register for GST when the aggregate value of supply is more than 10 lakhs

Estimated Time

2-10 days

Price Range

INR 4,000- 6,000

Scope of Work

1. Filling of application for GST Registration 2. Secure GST identification Number

Documents Required

1. Certificate of Incorporation 2. Address and identity of the Promoter/ Partner a.PAN b. Passport c.Driving License d. Aadhar Card 3. Proof of Principal Place of business (Any One of the below) a.Electricity Bill b.Legal ownership document c.Municipal Khata Copy d. Property Tax Receipt 4.Proof of Details of Bank Accounts (Any One of the below) a.The First page of Pass Book b.Bank Statement c.Canceled Cheque 5. Digital Signature