Financial Due Diligence Support

Engagements in financial due diligence (FDD) support involve preparing and readying information required by diligence agencies from a management perspective. FDD support experts offer a cushion that the management requires to prepare and successfully close an FDD.

Estimated Time

1- 6 weeks

Price Range

INR 7,500-12,500/man day

Scope of Work

A financial due diligence support engagement is primarily to assist the entity under diligence to provide all data, reports and explanations that a diligence agency requests of the management. A typical financial due diligence engagement can be divided into the three stages of project planning, project implementation and project completion. 1. Project planning: a. Initial preparative work b. Compiling an investigative plan c. Risk assessment procedures 2. Implementation - collection stage: a. Analysis of sustainable operations of the entity b. Internal Control c. Financial affairs d. Taxation affairs e. Financial forecasts 3. Implementation - investigation stage: a. Investigation of overall financial data of the entity b. Investigation of entity's specific financial condition c. Investigation of any special matters 4. Completion: a. Reporting of findings As part of a financial due diligence support engagement, the client's management would be assisted throughout the above process as an extended arm of the management to ensure a successful closure of the diligence by the third party agency.

Documents Required

Documents required would vary depending on the specifics of each engagement.