Filing of Financial statements of a foreign company

Every foreign company is required to prepare and file financial statements within a period of six months from the close of the financial year of the foreign company to which the financial statements relate to, to Delhi ROC in eForm number FC-3. It shall also prepare and file a list of places of business in India established by a foreign company as on date of the balance sheet in the same form. However, the Registrar can extend the said period to not more than three months on application made in writing.

Estimated Time

1-7 days

Price Range

INR 7,200-12,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Assistance in preparation of financial statements of its Indian business operations as per Schedule III. 2. Collation of following details a. Related party transactions entered by the foreign company. b. Repatriation of profits. c. Transfer of funds (including dividends if any) which shall, in relation to any fund transfer between place of business of foreign company in India and any other related party of the foreign company outside India including its holding, subsidiary and associate company. 3. Preparation of Form FC 3. 4. Certification and filing of Form FC 3.

Documents Required

1. Copy of latest consolidated financial statements of parent company (Mandatory). 2. Copy of balance sheet and profit and loss account duly authenticated under section 381(1) (Mandatory). 3. Statement of related party transactions. 4. Statement of repatriation of profits. 5. Statement of transfer of funds. 6. Approval letter obtained for every establishment in India by a foreign company. In case the documents are in any other language other than English, certified translation in English language is mandatory.