Filing of Consolidated Financial Statements

Every company needs to file its financial statements, including consolidated financial statements and mandatory attachments, within the prescribed time limit as per section 137. For the purpose of filing, form AOC-4 is prescribed for standalone financial statement (if XBRL is not applicable for the company) and form AOC-4 CFS for consolidated financial statements. Those companies, to whom XBRL is not applicable, shall file a copy of their Consolidated Financial Statements in Form AOC 4CFS with the requisite attachments.

Estimated Time

1-7 days

Price Range

INR 7,200-12,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Collation of data relating to: a. General Information about the company. b. Details relating to Auditors. c. Financial parameters - Consolidated Balance Sheet Items and P&L Items. d. Share Capital raised during the year- Auditors Report. 2. Preparation of Form AOC 4 CFS. 3. Certification and filing of Form AOC 4 CFS.

Documents Required

1. Consolidated financial statements duly authenticated as per section 134 (including Board’s report, auditors’ report and other documents). 2. Statement of subsidiary/ associate companies/ joint ventures as per section 129 - Form AOC-1.