Estate planning, succession planning, family settlement

Providing advisory from a tax and regulatory law perspective in order to optimise tax liability and achiee the desired objective in relation to Estate planning, succession planning, family settlement

Estimated Time

1-8 weeks

Price Range

INR 12,000-20,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Understanding the objective of the planning. 2. Understanding the parties involved. 3. Review of financial information and asset profile. 4. Review of any lien to the asset. 5. Providing advisory, compliance and litigation support in relation to the planning intended. 6. Interpreting position in law related to succession laws, tax laws. 7. Drafting agreements/ MOU as necessary. 8. Registering Trusts or other vehicles as decided based on the plan finalised.

Documents Required

1. Financial statements and tax returns 2. List of assets involved 3. List and relationships of parties involved, residential status, profile 4. Objective of the planning 5. Litigation history 6. Meetings/ discussions with different members involved 7. Other details as required during the course of engagement