Employee Mobility structuring

Providing advisory to struture employee compensation in a manner that optimises tax and also complies with regulations applicable

Estimated Time

1 - 2 weeks

Price Range

INR 60,000-100,000

Scope of Work

Review of structuring of assignments, analysing timing of the assignment, tax withholding/ tax treaty relief, evaluation of secondment vs shifting of payroll, Payroll split up, remittance, Social security considerations, analysing filing and compliance requirements, computing hypothetical cost and drafting assignment agreement, tax equalisation policy, suggesting reporting structure and profile, suggesting options for ring fencing home country employer, preparing year end computation, tax equalisation calculation and reconciliation, filing returns and withholding tax reporting.

Documents Required

1. Service/ employment and deputation contract/ terms and conditions, as applicable 2. Objective of assignment and profile of the employee 3. Residential status of the employee in the two jurisdictions 4. Details of income received and computation in the home jurisdictions with tax return filed in home jurisdiction 5. Past history in the foreign jurisdiction and residential status there 6. Discussion with the expatriate, management as necessary