Contract risk assessment

A detailed risk based review of critical contracts which entities might potentially enter for business reasons. Involves identification of unmitigated risks arising from the contract and also suggesting suitable remediations to either partially or completely mitigate such risks.

Estimated Time

1-3 weeks

Price Range

INR 3,600-6,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Identify key contracts which the entity has entered into or is proposed to enter into. This identification is usually carried out by the management. 2. Carry out a risk analysis of such contracts from a financial, commercial and business perspective. 3. Identify the possible risks which may arise incidental to the contract. 4. Evaluate whether the contract has in place a redressal mechanism for the identified risks. 5. Discuss findings with the management and also evaluate suitable recommendations for remediation/change if required.

Documents Required

1. The underlying contract which is subject risk assessment. 2. Any incidental data/information which may be required on assessing the underlying contract.