Appointment of a Director

While appointment of the first directors of the Company are covered as part of the incorporation process, any subsequent appointment of directors should be as per the procedures mandated in Companies Act, 2013 including filing necessary documents to intimate the Ministry of Corporate affairs.

Estimated Time


Price Range

INR 3,000-5,000

Scope of Work

1. Obtain DIN, if the proposed Director does not have one. 2. Obtain DSC if the proposed Director does not have one. 3. Preparation of Consent letter in Form DIR 2. 4. Preparation of Board Agenda, Minutes for appointing a new Director. 5. Drafting of letter of appointment to be given by the Board of Directors to the new Director. 6. Filing of Form DIR 12. 7. Drafting of disclosures u/s 184 for the new Director about his appointment, to other companies. 8. Preparation of Disclosures - Form MBP-1 & Form DIR -8

Documents Required

1. DIN Allotment letter of the proposed Director. 2. Consent Letter from the Director in Form DIR 2 format.