Anti fraud and fraud risk assessment

A detailed evaluation of existing anti fraud controls designed by an entity. This could also involve aiding the management in seamlessly building anti fraud control environment in the existing businss processes.

Estimated Time

1-6 weeks

Price Range

INR 5,400-9,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Understanding the business. 2. To understand the key business processes which drive business. 3. Carry out a detailed evaluation of the entity's existing controls in place to mitigate fraud risks which are inherent to a business. 4. To identify gaps in the existing controls, if any and discuss the same with the management. 5. Recommend suitable remediation/changes in the existing controls or recommend alternative more effective controls in discussion with the management.

Documents Required

No specific information willl be requested at the start of the assignment. A general enquiry will be conducted with various stakeholders following which detailed information/documents will be sought for.