Annual Filing in XBRL Format

Filing of financial statements with the ROC shall be in XBRL format by the following companies: a. All listed companies and their Indian subsidiaries; b. All companies having paid-up capital of Rs 5 crore or above; c. All companies having turnover of Rs 100 crore or above.

Estimated Time

1-15 days

Price Range

INR 6,000-10,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Creation of XBRL instance document -The first step in creation of an instance document is to tag the XBRL taxonomy elements with the various accounting heads in the books of accounts of the company. This mapping is done to ensure that the accounting information can be converted into XBRL form. 2. Validation of XBRL file. 3. Preparation of Form AOC 4 XBRL. 4. Certification and filing of Form AOC 4XBRL.

Documents Required

Financial Statements in XBRL form (PDF file and XBRL file).