Advisory for establishment of forms of business (Sole Proprietor Vs Partnership Vs LLP Vs Company) for establishment

Analysis of various forms of business (viz sole proprietor, partnership, LLP, company) which are be established in India based on the need of the foreign person

Estimated Time

2-10 days

Price Range

INR 12,000-20,000/man day

Scope of Work

Understanding the business plan, objectives, existing businesses in India and APAC, Organisation structure and hierarchy, group policy, repatriation and expansion plans. Advising on the structure which is permissible under FEMA, Corporate and tax laws, a structure which is tax optimised for earnings in India, repatriation out of India, exit from India and is in line with the Group's long term objective.

Documents Required

1. Business plan for investment 2. Investment mechanics and amounts 3. Organisation structure and hierarchy 4. Financials of HoldCo and its subsidiaries 5. RBI Reporting and filings made in last 15 months 6. Any tax advisory memo relevant to the decision