Actuarial services (Scope based)

Actuarial Service is a method by which corporations determine, assess and plan for the financial impact of risk. Actuaries use mathematical and statistical models to evaluate risk in the insurance and finance industries.

Estimated Time

1 - 6 weeks

Price Range

INR 5,000-7,500/man day

Scope of Work

1. To understand the entity's policies surrounding employee benefits. Employee benefits include gratuity, leave encashment etc. 2. To calculate the employee benefit obligations under the provisions of the required accounting literature which governs such obligations. 3. To issue a report quantifying the closing obligation with requisite disclosures required under the relevant accounting literature.

Documents Required

1. Employee wise particulars , including cost to company (CTC) details giving full split of such CTC, as on the valuation date with date of birth and date of joining. 2. Salary growth rate of the entity 3. Attrition rate of the entity 4. Any other information which the actuary might need depending on specific requirements, if any.