Accounting (book keeping) (specified scope)

Maintaining and updating books of accounts for identified and agreed areas and giving all financial information as and when required relating to such agreed scope.

Estimated Time

1-5 weeks

Price Range

INR 3,000-5,000/man day

Scope of Work

1. Understand the business of the entity. 2. Agree with the management of the entity on areas which form part of the scope. 3. Based on the understanding obtained above prepare a chart of accounts and discuss the same with the management of the entity to ensure completeness in coverage of potential transactions. 4. Obtain the bank statements, backup documents like vendor invoices, sales invoices etc. and record such transactions in the books of accounts in line with the applicable and prevailing accounting framework for existing scope. 5. To ensure all statutory dues arising on direct and indirect tax related regulatory requirements are recorded appropriately and advise the entity on due dates to remit such liabilities, if any and ensure remittances are made in a timely manner for the areas under scope. 6. To ensure all filings required to be made under various regulatory requirements are being adhered to and are carried out in a timely manner if forming part of the scope. 7. To carry out a review of the accounting transactions recorded above including preparation of a Bank reconciliation statement. Based on such review to ensure that expenses which need to be accrued as liabilities are being recorded appropriately if the same forms part of the scope. 8. On finalising the numbers based on the steps carried above prepare a monthly report containing a summary of all the accounting transactions recorded and discuss the same with the management to ensure deviations, if any are remediated appropriately if forming part of the scope

Documents Required

1. Bank statements supported with all underlying documents and records 2. All statutory documents like registration certificates, PAN etc. required to be maintained by the entity in line with the applicable direct taxes, indirect taxes and regulatory requirements 3. Other information will be requested on a need basis depending on the type of transactions carried out by the entity.